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Internet Marketing Resources, Inc.

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About Internet Marketing Resources, Inc.

My Story

I am one of the first website design companies in Erie PA and have been operating continuously since 1996. I have done many websites locally, regionally and across the country.

How I Did It

Prior to starting my own company, I worked in the retail, radio, newspaper and directory industries, gaining much valuable practical experience. I used this background to venture into the then new internet opportunities - developing and maintaining websites, optimizing for search, managing PPC (pay per click) advertising, analytics interpretation, YouTube video production and more.

Enjoying the creative and strategic process and fueled by the success of my customers (see Testimonials) in a wide variety of businesses, I continue to grow and serve my clients to the best of my abilities.

What Can I Do For You?

Working together, we can develop a website that is both a marketing, sales and customer service tool. There are many tactics unique to the internet that can be employed to survive and prosper in uncertain economic times.

With recent strategic partnerships, I have no limitations on website design and functionality. Additional services include graphic design, printing, advertising campaigns, media planning and trade show displays.

Contact me and let's begin discussions!

John Scherrer, President

"As an avid and experienced outdoorsman, I understand hunting, shooting and fishing equipment and adventure destinations and have special insight in creating and marketing websites in these industries."

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